If you can make it into the central loop, then you’re good to go, as we’re very accessible from anywhere nearby. That may seem obvious, but proximity does not always translate into and easy and obvious find. If you are coming in via the Old Tuckerman Bridge, you might want to get off and take a local road – just head toward I-270 or Cleveland Avenue North.

From I-270, take Exit 27 (Cleveland Avenue North) to Main Street, turn right on Main Street to corner of West Street and Main Street.

Once you’re on Main Street look for the large yellow building. That’s the Peabody building and is adjacent to the town mall which you can’t miss. Keep going until you pass the gas station on the right and see the red brick building on the left, next to a Dunkin Donuts shop. The red brick building is the anti-aging clinic – one of the main reasons people book with us is to get treatment there. They specialize in something called age management medicine and treat senior (who can afford it) with hormone replacement therapy and restore their bodies with regimens of hormones, supplements and exercises. If you’re looking for natural male hormone info, we have all their brochures in the office. Because of the demand for information, we also have a small library of books, magazine articles and pamphlets on age management medicine. If you’re booking with us to be treated there, ask about parking, as we also have a deal with them for that.

Some folks stay with us while evaluating the local rehab center, Keystone Health, known for therapy addressing many different kinds of addiction. One of the more recent ailments has been the treatment for internet related addictions, especially online gambling. Apparently the easy access to games like online slots is very addictive to some personalities. They search for slots for US players and land on a referral site that sends them to a number of casinos offering a wide array of slots. These modern games are colorful with engaging animation and enticing payoffs, but no one ever wins in the long run. The addiction center helps people learn to avoid the temptation or to control their desire to play for money and just focus on the fun, which can be had for free in most cases.

A recent visitor to the Westerville Inn who had come to town to visit his daughter at Otterbein University commented to us that these directions were quite adequate. Mr Atherby had just been to Las Vegas where he visited the offices of a Dr. Physio who is apparently a well known sports medicine doctor helping high school, college and professional athletes with potentially career ending injuries. Dr Physio had been recommended by Mr Atherby’s daughter tennis coach who referred to the good doctor’s rehab program as one of the finest. The Otterbein University women’s tennis coach knows several professional tennis players who sought out Dr physio’s expertize when they were suffering from chronic lateral epicondylitis- tennis elbow. With more than 25 years treating tennis elbow, elbow pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain in association with tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow, Dr physio has developed an effective rehabilitation program that can be fine tuned to an individual’s needs. Dr physio also has worked with professional athletes who play baseball, football, and basketball including Tayshaun Prince ( Detroit Pistons), Michael Barrett (Chicago Cubs), Tony Armis (Montreal Expos), Dahntay Jones (Indiana Pacers), Brian Jordan (Atlanta Braves), Terrance Newman (Dallas Cowboys), David Riske (Milwaukee Brewers), Tyronn Lue ( Orlando Magic), Matt Stenchcome (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Al Harrington (New Knicks) and Marcus Banks (Toronto Rapers). His resume is pretty impressive.

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