Westerville Early History

Westerville is a city in Delaware and Franklin counties located in the state of Ohio. It’s one of the the largest suburbs of Columbus.

The land of Westerville was settled first around 1810 by Matthew, Peter, and William Westervelt, Dutch settlers who migrated from New York. The Westervelts donated land in order to construct a Methodist church in 1836, and the land settlement was subsequently named in the family name’s honor. The Blendon Young Men’s Seminary was chartered in 1839, and Matthew Westervelt became one of its first trustees. The seminary was bought by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ in 1846, and a year later, the seminary was reformed and renamed Otterbein University (after the church’s founder Philip William Otterbein). Its now the private Otterbein College.

Westerville was officially incorporated in August of 1858, with a town population of 275.

Some notable Westerville People:

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In addition, Westerville also has a maritime accident law firm. They have represented a number of inland waterway maritime workers in lawsuits where a native Westerville maritime worker was injured. Ohio, with its Ohio River System is responsible for 63 million tons of commodities valued at $7.4 billion moving to, from and within Ohio. Ohio is considered a maritime state with 716 miles of navigable waterways surrounding the state on three sides. A number of young men from Westerville work in the maritime industry. One particular case involved a young fellow who seriously injured where the court found the maritime employer was held liable because he failure to provide a safe working environment equipped with appropriate equipment and safety gear. The maritime worker was unable to return to work due to the severity of the injuries. However, our maritime lawyers were able to win a settlement that allowed the young man and his family for both past and future economic and non-economic losses of the injured party.

Moving to Westerville from Poughkeepsie, NY for a new job was a bit traumatic for my family. They loved our old home with its back deck and above ground pool. The rental house we were living in had no back deck let alone a pool. At first, the community pool didn’t cut it for my kids, but they eventually gained friends and would hang out at the local pool. Three years later I was transferred back to Newburgh, NY. We bought another home and I immediately called Royal Pools and Spas for them to install an above ground pool. My youngest son was so thrilled he promised to be responsible for the robotic pool cleaner that I had also purchased from Royal Pools and Spas. I must say he kept up his end of the bargain. This past summer a deck was built. We all are now enjoying our own back yard pool, once gain. This is not to disparage Westerville in any way….but a community pool is not the same as your own back yard pool.

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